General Questions
Pins or Paddles

Q: Do I need to modify my dust extractor to install Maxsys?
A: No. The blank cover over the module bay needs to be removed, and Maxsys replaces that cover. No other changes are required.

Q: Can Maxsys damage my extractor?
A: Absolutely Not. Everything about Maxsys was designed specifically to prevent Maxsys from damaging your extractor. Even if you install it incorrectly, it cannot damage your extractor.

Q: What's the difference between Maxsys and store-bought remotes that you plug your vacuum into?
A: Those plug-in type remotes disable all of the special functions of your Festool CT vac. In order to use them, you must leave your extractor turned to Manual-mode. In order to use tool activation, you need to unplug your remote, and turn your extractor back to auto. Maxsys lets you use your vac like you always have, but adds the extra function of wireless control on top of the existing controls.

Q: Do I need to remove Maxsys when I'm not using it?
A: No. Maxsys is install-and-forget, and does not interfere with any other operation of your extractor when not in use. However, it is recommended that you don't leave your extractor in Auto-mode when it is unattended as a safeguard against stray radio signals.

Q: Do I need to specify my country's voltage when ordering Maxsys?
A: No. Maxsys works on all voltages around the world, and fits all Festool CT-26/36/48 variants around the world.

Q: Do you ship Inernationally?
A: Yes. International shippments do take longer, however, and most of this delay is due to the customs requirements within your country. 

Troubleshooting Questions

Q: Maxsys turns my extractor on, but doesn't turn it off?
A1: The Festool extractor has a built-in delay for turning off to clear the suction hose. It's the same delay as when you are using a tool to control the extractor. Make sure you are waiting long enough for this delay to expire.
A2: Make sure you are pressing the correct button on your remote. Button-A turns the extractor on, and Button-B turns the extractor off. However, if you have multiple Maxsys modules, then the same button that turns the extractor on also turns it off.

Q: I have multiple Maxsys modules. When I press one button on the remote, the first vacuum starts. However, when I press the other button, the second vacuum starts, but the first one turns off?
A: The jumper on the first Maxsys either fell off, or is in the stored position. Refer to the manual, and make sure both Maxsys module jumpers are in the multi-mode position.

Q: I installed Maxsys, but my extractor does not start?
A: Every Maxsys module is tested and the remote paired before it ships out. If the extractor is not starting, here are some basic steps to follow:
1. Make sure the extractor is in Auto-mode. Maxsys works only in Auto-mode.
2. Plug a tool into the accessory power outlet and verify that the tool will start the extractor. If not, double-check your extractor setup.
3. Maxsys will make a small clicking sound when it turns on or off. If you don't hear this click, then either Maxsys is not getting power, or it is not recognizing the remote. 
a. The connectors on Maxsys are designed so you cannot connect them incorrectly, however, they may not be fully seated. Make sure both electrical connectors are fully seated on their sockets.
 b. With the extractor unplugged, remove the module cover so you can see the circuit board. Taking care to not touch any metal parts of Maxsys, turn your extractor to Auto, and look for a small LED to light on the underside of the circuit board. This LED will light for about 2 seconds when Maxsys first gets power.
c. If you know Maxsys has power but still doesn't click, then follow the instructions in the manual for re-pairing the remote to the module. The memory may have been cleared.
4. If you can hear Maxsys click, and you are positive that the small connector is fully seated, it is possible that your extractor's control board is damaged. This can happen if you have ever used one of the older model Dust Deputy cyclones that did not have proper grounding. Contact me and I will give you one last troubleshooting step to verify this. 
a. Older model plastic cyclone separators were constructed with non-conducting plastic. If enough static builds up across the cyclone's body, a large static discharge can be sent into your CT vac. A common failure is that the automatic starting circuitry gets damaged.