Wireless Remote for Festool CT-Series Dust Extractors

MaxsysMaxsys is a wireless remote control designed specifically for your Festool CT-26/36/48 dust extractor. The Maxsys module installs directly into the accessory module bay of your dust extractor to provide wireless activation when your vacuum is out of easy reach.

Maxsys includes a heavy-duty remote keyfob which uses a solid aluminum subframe and brushed aluminum face for durability in a rugged workshop environment, and has a protective slide cover over the buttons to prevent inadvertent activation while in your pocket. The fob is very compact, and even includes a small lanyard hook, so you can slip it in your pocket, or hang it from your tool.

Maxsys is flexible enough to meet your demanding needs. The Maxsys module can be programmed to recognize multiple remotes (up to 10). So you can leave remotes strategically throughout your shop or attached to specific tools. You can even have multiple Maxsys modules on different vacuums, and control them all from the same remote(s). The standard remote can be used with two Maxsys modules, and both of those modules can be programmed to recognize all of the Maxsys remotes that you may have. With an optional 4-button remote, you can control up to four Maxsys modules from the same remote(s). (With the purchase of 3 or more Maxsys modules, I automatically upgrade the order to include 4-button remotes.)

Maxsys is the perfect accessory for the active workshop or job site. It can activate your extractor when you are using cordless tools, or even corded tools that you don't want to plug into your vac's tool outlet. It's great for job site or workshop cleanup, too. No more having to climb up and down ladders to turn the vac on and off, or running back and forth in the workshop.
Module BayMaxsys installs in your extractor's module bay and is designed to directly communicate with the Festool CT-vac control board, using the built-in interface. This means that it does not interfere with any of your dust extractor's normal operations. You don't need to remember to plug it in or even bring it with you to a job site. It is always there, and always ready. It is literally "Install and Forget."

Your corded tools will still activate your extractor as they always did. It does not interfere with the normal Manual and Auto modes. It simply gives you one more option for controlling your extractor remotely. When your extractor is in Auto-mode, your vac will active with either your tool or with Maxsys.

Please note that CT-Sys/Mini/Midi extractors are not compatible with Maxsys because they lack the built-in interface for remote activation. Additionally, CT-22/33/44 extractors (discontinued in 2011) lack the module bay for Maxsys installation. A special version of Maxsys can be used, but it is not orderable without contacting me.
Fob International:
Maxsys is completely universal and will operate and install in your extractor regardless where you live, or what voltage your extractor operates at. No modifications are necessary. Maxsys will detect the voltage and automatically switch its internal power supply. Maxsys is rated to operate anywhere between 85 and 250 volts, at either 50 or 60 hertz.

Quality Control:
As with all RTS Engineering products, I perform 100% sample-rate testing, not just a statistical batch. Every Maxsys module that ships is actively tested in a live CT-vac before it ships. I use an actual CT vac to power the module, program the remote, and verify that the module triggers the vac. No exceptions.

If you've ordered more than one module, or multiple remotes, I set them up to work together so you don't have to. (Note that the included instruction manual explains how to set up your modules and remotes, just in case you wish to change them.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email at